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radiation ring splicing assembly-k8凯发

the splicing radiating ring assembly solves the problem that eddy current is present in the whole rare earth permanent magnet radiation ring, and it can not meet the technical requirements of all motor fields in large size and high performance. it is mainly used in solar generator equipment and can be widely used in the home , camping and military camps and other places.the product has a small size, simple and easy to operate ,safe and reliable, with large scope of application and so on.

product detailed information

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feature of product:

1, to solve the overall radiation ring in the large size, high performance can not meet all the requirements of the field of motor, and reduce the vortex effect.
2, the unique production process technology to meet the high bonding strength requirements.
3, research and implementation of the splicing assembly of the overall plating technology to improve the production accuracy of the product.
4, high temperature and humidity conditions of high surface protection technology.
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